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"I chose JCNR Billing for the ease and comfort of working with great people.  As a new business owner, they made the transition easy to understand the billing process, as it can be quite difficult and confusing.  They are so easy and friendly to work with and so very helpful when an issue occurs.  Their knowledge and experience in the field made the decision very easy to choose JCNR Billing."

-James DeLucia, LPCC-S

"JCNR Billing has been billing for me since May 2017.  I can't say enough about how pleased I've been with their work since then.  They surpassed any expectations I had when I changed from the previous billing company.  I've been in private practice for over 17 years.  I've used in house and out of house billers.  The transition was always difficult on myself and the office staff and of course, with financial loss.  My transition with JCNR Billing was very smooth. They put a lot of work to keep track of every encounter even before the time they would get compensated.  They did that to make sure I didn't lose any income because of the change.

Kim and Kelly are hard workers, always bill timely and efficiently. They give maximum effort to get the job done.  They go the extra mile after any compensation for my work.  I can say I've never had that before. Of course, their hard work reflected on my practice income, which I appreciate a lot. I don't have to check after them to make sure they do their job.  They go after my compensation more than I expect them to.  That makes my life easier.  They always respond promptly to my calls and answer any questions I may have.  They are always pleasant, efficient, know their job, and willing to learn more and grow all the time.  I recommended them to other colleagues, and they are grateful for me doing that.  I have no doubt that they will provide great service to any practice." 

-Nabila Sargious, MD, APBN

"Kim and Kelly were experienced billers when they decided to start their own billing service.  I was among one of their first clients.  They have been providing the service for my practice since April 2017.  JCNR is the third billing service I have used.  Transition from the previous one was very smooth as they were willing to use the same platform my previous billers were using.  I immediately noticed an improvement in my practice income.  I attribute that to their enthusiasm, appealing all denials and their dogged pursuit of the appeals.  They are also extremely helpful in answering all my questions and their experience allows them to provide correct advice to avoid claim denials.  They are also extremely accommodating with their time, as our biweekly meetings are frequently rescheduled due to my busy schedule.  They have a personal touch that make those meeting enjoyable and not a practice business ordeal.  I am very satisfied with their service and always willing to recommend them, without reservation, to any colleagues looking for new billers." 

-Emad S. Baky, MD, FACOG, FRCOG 

"JCNR Billing came to us highly recommended by two physicians practicing in Ohio who are also personal friends.  Once we started with Kim and Kelly, we understood why they were recommended so highly.

Kim and Kelly have been providing our billing service since the beginning of April 2019.  However, we actually started working with them a few months before that start date to have everything in place and to make the transition between billing services as smooth as possible.  From day one, they have been very efficient and professional.  The transition between billing services was very smooth and painless on our end.  I know this was a result of the hard work and the many hours Kim and Kelly put in to make the transition easier for my staff.

Kim and Kelly always send out claims as soon as they receive the superbills from our office. They consistently follow up on claims that are not being paid until they find a resolution to the problem. They also answer any questions we have promptly as well as any questions from our patients.

JCNR Billing is the third billing service I have used since starting my private practice in February 2001 and it is, by far, the best billing service I have had. I have no hesitation in recommending JCNR Billing very highly."

-Hany Rezk, MD